OMG! I was logging on to see why I haven’t heard from any of you…. I was feeling bummed. Turns out I forgot to hit “post” last Wednesday!! I am so sorry!

I hope my lack of computer skills have given you extra time to get your blocks done so you can have a St. Patty’s Day date with your sewing machine and finish us this quilt!

Back to the good stuff, Here’s how to finish this beauty! I am even going to show you my drawing on graph paper… don’t laugh, I’m a doodler.


We have one last step to take. There should be 2 more 10″ square. With that square, you will want to cut it on both diagonals to make 8 triangles. These are known as setting triangles.

These will placed at at the top right and left corners, as well as the bottom right and left corners, to put this bad boy on point before we add the half square triangles.

You can see by looking at my drawing the center is made up of blocks 2 and 3 and those fancy triangles we made make it super easy to set this whole thing on point! So lets get started!

Start by taking 1 setting triangle  and sewing it to a block 3.



Next, sew a setting triangle to the opposite corner and a block 2 to the bottom left corner.



your next row will look like this.


The last row in the column is the same as the first!


simply rotate it 180 degrees and boom you’ve got 1 row.

Make 2.

Your center column is very similar. The only difference is this little guy we made….


cut this block on half on one diagonal. When you look at the picture cut from lower left to upper right.

Now we can assemble to middle!


Make 2 of these, flip one and then fill with our funky triangles and the row is complete!

After you have all 3 columns sewn your center is complete.

To finish for the small 35 block version: Sew 6 half square blocks to the top.

To finish for the large 42 block version: sew 7 half square blocks to the top and the bottom. (You could also sew both sets of 7 to the top!)


Last but not least if you would like to add a small border between the center and the half square triangles, those 3″x10″ rectangles that were left over from cutting out block 2…. sew those together so make a scrappy border!

You will notice there are a few easy ways to make this quilt bigger. Simply add borders and more half square triangles or just half square triangles!

I hope you enjoyed piecing this quilt I hope you will share them with me! Just email me at and let me know if I can share this with everyone! I will post next Wednesday with a collage of beautiful projects.

If you only have blocks done and no quilt top, share it with me I, and everyone else would love to see your color choices!


Happy quilting!