Felting Embroidery

The coolest new accessory for Embroidery Machines is the Creative Felting Embroidery Set

It is VERY cool and super simple!

You can do free standing embroidery or  single layer embroidery.

I did a quick single layer embroidery! All you need is the Creative Felting Embroidery Set tool,  a hoop at least 120×120, a 10″ square of black fabric and a 5″ square of a bright color (i chose pink… of course!).

First put on all of the pieces onto your machine that go with the felting set. There is a video at the bottom of the post that was created by Pfaff which will help you see everything!

With single layer embroidery you do not need stabilizer. All you need to do is hoop the 10″ square right side down, and lay the 5″ square right side down centered on top.


Choosing your embroidery design is easy! The biggest thing is to make sure it has A LOT of stitches. The more stitches the better the felting will turn out.


The design I chose was a pre-loaded design that was on my Creative 4.5, as you can see there is almost 21,000 stitches! This design calls for black and white thread. I chose to only felt the white thread areas. Leaving the black to just be my 10″ piece of fabric.

Once you have assembled your machine with the Felting Embroider Set Pieces, hooped your fabric and chose your design, it’s time to felt!!


As you will notice, the bared needle that is now in your machine is forcing the fibers from your 5″ square to sit on top of the 10″ square .

Once your machine is finished; un-hoop, give it a quick press and do it again! It is so fast and so care free. There is no thread breakage to worry!

Once my embroidery was finished I went to Cindi’s blog and made my own coaster!


It turned out really neat!! I can’t wait to make more! Keep in  mind that once you have  bunched fibers through 2 layers of fabric, it comes out much lighter, so make sure you have good contrast.

Here are some other ones I have played with and check out the new Felting Embroidery #479 for some brand new ideas! Type in beyondthepatch001 and save 10% on your order of the Felting Embroidery Set and the Embroidery #479 CD!!!

IMAG0111 IMAG0110

The 1st picture is the felting pattern of roving wool on top of  wool, the 2nd picture is the finished felted embroidery this is another single layer embroidery design.


This is another single layer. Using just denim! I hooped the piece of denim dark side down and started felting.

Creative-Felting-Embroidery-Set-1Here is a free embroidery, which means it is 3-D!

So I hope you all try this! It will be your new favorite thing!

Here is the video by Pfaff

Here are designs 1001.vp3, 1002.vp3, and 1003.vp3



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